Today has been a day that I prayed would come for Gabrielle Union. You see they broke the story on GMA, and I letter read her story on And while I usually talk about Crohn’s Disease and this is a different diagnosis, I am happy that she developed her resiliency muscle. She implored the three actions that I encourage my clients to use. Insistence, Consistence, Persistence are three words and actions that are needed to develop your resiliency muscle.

Ms. Union, wife of NBA star Dwayne Wade was finally diagnosed with Adenomyosis. She is finally able to understand the reason behind all her devastating miscarriages; eight to nine to be exact. My heart breaks for their loss. But to finally know and recognize that she did not cause the loss of her children, nor was she responsible is only known because she stayed in action looking for the answers. She was insistent about finding the reasons for this happening. She was consistent in seeing several different doctors and persistent in not accepting the flimsy excuses of being a career woman and waiting too long to have children.

This is a problem that occurs over and over, that is a pet peeve of mine. Crohn’s patients including me were misdiagnosed because people don’t take your symptoms seriously. Or they don’t believe you and want to give you the cookie cutter treatment plan. People we must be our own advocates and hold the course until we get the needed answers.

Well Gabrielle I applaud you and your efforts to find out what was wrong. I applaud your willingness to be insistent, consistent and persistent to get your experience, a diagnosis. And while she told that dealing with infertility in the public isn’t easy. I respect and am proud that she is standing up and owning her situation. She is a true example for us women who go through so much and allow ourselves to be shamed. The beautiful thing is that being a mother does not require you to birth the children yourself.
Gabrielle, I congratulate you for living your life on your own terms and not allowing anyone to cause you to dim your light. #crohnsinterrupted #livinglife triumphantly #crohnsdisease #ibd #ibs #colitis #life #health #ccfa #support #survivor #ostomy #live #youareenough #possibilitiesareendless #breakthrough #iamanoisemaker #makedaarmorerwade