Get Crohn’s Interrupted

She’s back……

Since my last writing I made the decision that I wanted to step out and begin to touch the lives of people in the Crohn’s Nation on a larger level. I have dubbed Crohn’s Nation as anyone who has been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, have an Ostomy or are a caretaker for any of the above. I have been attending and participating in events that have allowed me to give some inspiration and information. I have been speaking to all ages and all audiences because Crohn’s Disease does not discriminate.

My goal is to ensure that I leave everyone that I touch in a much better place. It can be because I shared a story, made you feel heard by listening to yours or because I gave you vital information that helped you to make a decision. If I can make you smile then I have done something right.

So just to give you a bird’s eye view, here a few of my adventures.

I have participated in several interviews with freelance writers such as Reynaldo Leanos , T. Martinbrough , NY Times and Buzz Feed. I had a spectacular sold out book signing kickoff at the Schomburg Center for Research and Culture. I began speaking at several churches on the local level participating in several community programs to provide awareness and educational material about Crohn’s Disease.

I met and spoke with several amazing public officials such as Nassau County Legislator Siela A. Bynoe, and North Hempstead Councilwoman Viviana Russell; N. Y. State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey; N.Y. State Assemblyman & Speaker of the House Hon. Carl E. Heastie to promote the need for Crohn’s Disease awareness. They were open, receptive and warm to my concerns about spreading awareness through the Crohn’s Nation and why CD (Crohn’s Disease) is an important health issue that needs to have attention brought to it.

Hosting the incomparable poet Nikki Giovanni at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black








I hosted and spoke with the great Nikki Giovanni who was quite interested in me as a young author and the awesome poet Sonia Sanchez who is also my Soror initiated in the Lambda Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. as well as Joy Reid from The Daily Show. Three women whose work I love and respect, actually had time to share a few nuggets and words of encouragement.

And to top it all off, I was able to meet and present to Dr. Natacha Jriege at the Horacio Odubar hospital in Aruba. We had an interesting discussion about Crohn’s Disease and how and why I chose to write my book. And as the discussion progressed I shared with her that I was not an MD. She was amazed that I was able to discuss the topic in such detail and with the use of medical terminology. I donated several books to their department explaining that while the medical profession generally deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the disease; I deal with the emotional and psychological aspects that will assist the patient in managing the symptoms and their life. As a result of working with me they will have hope, be encouraged and work with their medical providers as a partner instead of a victim. We agreed to keep in touch.

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