365 New Days; 365 New Opportunities!

Happy New Year Crohn’s Nation and to all of you who support us. Battling Crohn’s Disease is a way of life. You have to work hard to live intentionally and on purpose.

People compliment me on using my story to encourage and give hope to others. They have shared how embarrassed they would be, if people knew about their diagnosis and the struggles they face daily. But this is the exact reason why I wrote both of my books. Crohn’s Interrupted Living Life Triumphantly and Crohn’s Interrupted 7 Steps to Love your Ostomy.

People talk about diabetes and they talk about high blood pressure or cancer. So why can’t we talk about Crohn’s Disease without being embarrassed? Simply, because people see it only as a bathroom disease. For many years people’s reactions made me feel embarrassed about a condition I have no control over. WELL NO MORE! I’M DONE! The days are over when I’m going to let someone who doesn’t have a clue, dictate how I am going to experience my life. Nobody has the right unless we give it to them. I say, don’t give it to them. Take back your power. I did. This is not just a bathroom disease; and I’m going to spend the next year increasing awareness around Crohn’s Disease, Ostomies and all of the peaks and valleys that are required to manage the unpredictability of this horrid disease. I want to lend my strength to the many, many people living in shame and isolation . This year I am going to Interrupt Crohn’s and encourage and motivate my fellow Crohnies and Ostomates to live life on purpose and without shame. Help me to get this dialog started. Invite me to your church book club, Sorority, Fraternity etc.

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