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Eat To Live Don't Live To Eat

Enjoy this complimentary food journal especially prepared for individuals managing an Ostomy or Crohn's Disease by Makeda Armorer Wade.

What is a coach?
A coach is a person who develops an ongoing professional partnership with you, and uses proven strategies to help you reach your identified goals. During our partnership you and I will work with one another using the information provided by you, to help elevate you to meet your identified goals or help you to make the changes you desire to improve your quality of life, recognize what’s holding you back, move forward with clarification of vision. 
Who needs a coach?
Anyone who needs help to determine what they want out of life and what they need to do to get it; by using weekly settings through email, or Skype. Coaching is the vehicle that gets you from where you are, to where you want to be (your destination). 
What Inspirational Life Coaching is not
Inspirational life coaching is not therapy. We will spend time working on current goals & milestones versus investigating and delving into the past. We do not give advice, we do not take responsibility for clients feelings, decisions, actions or success. We do not diagnose,  fix or treat.
But what if you want  therapy 
You can contact for an intake or list of services . We work with a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist  @ 914-384-3905.
Why choose coaching?
Inspirational Life Coaching is designed to help you achieve the highest level of success, happiness or fulfillment that you want to accomplish.
Why choose me to be your coach?
In addition to having two Master’s Degrees, an MSW with an Advanced Certificate in Children and Family and Masters of Science in Human Service Administration, I have 10 years’ experience as a paid coach and 30 plus years managing Crohn’s Disease.
What's the Clients responsibility?
• Come with an intention to make a change

• Come with an agenda, or topic for each session

• Be responsible for your feelings decisions and actions

• Be responsible for your own successes

• Be honest

• Show up spiritually, physically and energetically

• Pay your fees on time

Crohn's Interrupted Book
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A Woman with Smiling Face

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