To get the information you need from someone who knows the journey. I wrote this book for you!

Makeda ArmorerWade

Makeda Armorer-Wade is a successful Inspirational Life Coach, Speaker and International Bestselling Author who uses her journey living with Crohn’s Disease to educate and help those with this diagnosis create their own new normal.
“If you live life intentionally, then it will allow you to live life triumphantly. You have to make the decision that, no matter what happens now, you are going to participate in your life.”

In her new book, “Crohn’s Interrupted: Live Life Triumphantly”, Makeda takes you through her life with this painful and debilitating disease and shares her techniques to take control of your life, change the way you view your situation, and become a fierce advocate for yourself. You’ll see her defy the odds, not back down, and actively conquer accomplishment after accomplishment. Continuously surprising and enriching the lives of those working with her, Makeda is sure to give you the tools and ignite the power to live your life intentionally and triumphantly.

“CROHN’S INTERRUPTED: Living Life Triumphantly”, is an excellent and light-hearted read about a very difficult situation. Ms. Armorer-Wade has a humorous and energetic way of story-telling that shines through these pages. I have been able to share some of this journey with her and this book is a true testimony to a choice that she made to live with a circumstance that could have controlled her life. She truly is a victor and overcame all stigmas and any limitation this disease tried to put in her way. I know she has wowed her family and friends, but to have wowed the doctors with her outlook and how she managed this, is the real story. No matter what your diagnoses this book will help change your outlook on how you can live with it. Enjoy every minute of this most amazing story.

-Rev.ElizabethC. Abel, Pastor, Woodycrest UMC,Bronx,NY


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