Helping you make the best of living with Crohn’s Disease so you can thrive instead of just surviving.

Eat To Live Don't Live To Eat

Enjoy this complimentary food journal especially prepared for individuals managing an Ostomy or Crohn's Disease by Makeda Armorer Wade.

,Makeda Armorer-Wade is a dynamic and influential leader who has become an expert in managing life as a Crohn’s Warrior.

Makeda is an award-winning, 3x Best-Selling Author, who uses her journey living with Crohn’s Disease to educate, inspire, and help those with various life challenges, to live The Possibilities Lifestyle.™ Programs support goal-setting, personal growth and behavior modifications to help people achieve their goals.

Ms. Armorer-Wade holds a MS in Human Services Administration and an MSW, with a Specialization in Children and Family Counseling. She has been in the field of Social Services for over twenty-five (25) years and believes in giving back.

She serves as Trustee, 1st Vice President and Membership Chair of the Schomburg Corporation as well as participates on the Executive Board for her chapter in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Crohn’s Interrupted is about making a conscious choice to live life intentionally. 

You deserve the best! We are committed to helping you achieve new heights, solutions that suit you. We work collaboratively with our clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to achieve their needs. Makeda is the CEO of Makeda Armorer- Wade, LLC and the Founder and Visionary, for The Possibilities Lifestyle Where The Possibilities are Endless.™

The purpose of this site, the books, classes and coaching are: to focus on the many possibilities of living your dreams and accomplishing your goals regardless of the debilitation caused by Crohn’s Disease and other diagnoses.

Let us help you to see the possibilities that lay before you. We can help you to stay on track to accomplish your most desired goals.

When you have been diagnosed with Crohn’s; you have to practice interrupting it.

Don’t let Crohn’s Disease be a dream snatcher!

You are not alone. I know the challenges of Crohn’s Disease and/or an Ostomy. I’m here to help you live without surrendering to your symptoms.

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