My heart is broken for the family of Seven Bridges from Kentucky. Bridges family, please accept my sincere Condolences. Today I read an article that was written for Essence by Brianna Edward’s, dated 1/23/19. I have attached it below. It spoke about this beautiful 10 year old child who took his own life, because he was bullied over wearing an Ostomy bag. How dare they! Is anyone bullied because they go to the bathroom. An emphatic NO! Think about it. Everyone does it, one way or another.

I’m so angry over the level of ignorance that exists regarding having an Ostomy. This is the reason that I use my experience to provide awareness. When people thank me for my courageousness, I tell them that it’s not about me. I truly believe that understanding what an Ostomy is and the function of it, will shift the mindset of those who have one and those who will get one. There is one more group that needs to understand the benefit of an Ostomy; it’s those people who think they have the right to shame, bully or allow it to happen. People who have Diabetes, Cancer, high blood pressure and other illnesses are not shamed. This is why I wrote my book, Crohn’s Interrupted: 7 Steps to Love Your Ostomy. It’s a book that everyone needs to read because it may just save a life.

Yeah it’s that serious. A child died because the adults, the children and the community did not have enough information to make this child feel comfortable, to live his life Triumphantly. I will continue to bring awareness and be a fierce advocate for those of us who are ashamed and suffering in silence. Please invite me to speak at your church, book club, Sorority or Fraternity. We must not fail our Community. We must not fail our children. We have to do all that we can to save the lives of those around us. You don’t know how many people have an Ostomy, because they are ashamed to be judged. Help me to pull the black curtain back and normalize living and thriving while having an Ostomy.