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Expert advice from a veteran Ostomate and Crohn’s Survivor

Crohn's Interrupted: 7 Steps to Love Your Ostomy

Living 10 steps from death’s door takes a toll. Come along with Makeda Armorer-Wade, as she demonstrates her path from survivor to thriver to live The Possibilities Lifestyle™.

Expert advice from a veteran Ostomate and Crohn’s Survivor.  The author uses her personal journey to inform and teach you how to accept, embrace, love and live triumphantly with your Ostomy. 

Makeda Armorer- Wade’s story is the platform to let others, know that they too have options to live The Possibilities Lifestyle.   She outlines many tips and steps on surviving and thriving with your Ostomy. 

This book is a roadmap for you, or a loved one to get the inside scoop on life as, or with an Ostomate. Additionally, the book is filled with motivational words of wisdom and practical advice for anyone living with an Ostomy or any chronic medical condition. 

She outlines a P.L.A.N.© that anyone can follow.

Learn From My Trials, Triumphs and Life Changing Lessons

Many people with an Ostomy feel alone, isolated and afraid. They are embarrassed by their condition & symptoms and often don’t know how to talk about it or ask for help.

As a once struggling now thriving Ostomate this book is a life changing guide on how to continue living your best life after having an Ostomy and Crohn’s Disease.

With full honesty and transparency, it talks openly about my trials, triumphs and the lessons I have learned from addressing my Ostomy and Crohn’s Disease head on so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

Inside you’ll learn:

How to adjust your mindset

How to overcome the fear of having an ostomy

How to become a proactive patient

How to Finally accept your current situation

How to embrace talking to others about your life source

How to accept, embrace and love your ostomy and yourself.

Overcome Your Fear

Get the shockingly simple perspective you need to live a fearless and fulfilling life.

Debunk the Myths

Get the cold hard truth so you can see past the myths that may be holding you back.

Take Control

Tools, resources & practical advice you need to put your life back in your hands.

Empower Yourself

Learn from my personal journey so you can live triumphantly without the pain and struggle.

Who is This Book Really For?

In the beginning of my journey I remember thinking, “I can’t do this anymore! This is not who I am. I want to hide and never be seen again.”

If you can relate then keep reading. The first step in your journey is accepting the fact that you have an Ostomy and it’s okay to live with one. There will be good days and bad days but they don’t define who you are as a person.

And trust me your life does NOT end because of your Ostomy . . . it begins here! As a veteran Ostomate and Crohn’s Survivor I wrote this book for:

Anyone who will have ostomy surgery

The new ostomate who doesn’t know what to expect

The person who is a caretaker and needs to understand

The friend or family member who just wants a better understanding so that they can support

The ostomate who needs to learn to accept, embrace and love their ostomy and themselves.


“Wow, truly inspirational! Makeda is now one step closer toward her lifelong goal of successfully helping others struggling with illnesses.  This second book is a fantastic resource for anyone living with an ostomy, providing novel solutions to the daily challenges encountered.  Additionally, the book is filled with motivational words of wisdom and practical advice for anyone living with Crohn’s disease or any chronic medical condition

Robert Rosenzweig, MD

“The author describes her living with Crohn’s Disease from the tender age of 16 until now, when her medical management team informed her and her family to prepare for death.

This book is well written and easy to read. It made one feel, that if ever they were diagnosed with such an unpredictable illness, that they can adjust to the ups and downs while still having a social life. In January of 2016 after many surgeries and discussions with her medical team, Makeda made a daring decision to wear a permanent colostomy bag, which she lovingly refers to as Rosebutt Buttercup. People who believe that living with an ostomy is a curse and is a derogatory experience, should read this book and recommend it to a friend or relative living with an ostomy. Having an ostomy is what’s keeping her alive today. She has cited many prominent people living with an ostomy.  The author impacts and encourages people she meets in a positive way and motivates them to continue to live with Crohn’s Disease.

Mary Shirley Salandy, R.N. F.N.P. – M.A. Clinical Nursing Supervision M.Ed. Nursing Administration

To love yourself, just as you are, is to give yourself the greatest gift. Crohn’s Interrupted: 7 Steps to Love your Ostomy is a guide book that helps to direct your steps with new energy and optimism. Truly a Pioneer in her own right, Makeda shares her personal journey to encourage you. She gives a real-life account of her personal struggles and emotions which is so genuine that it is spot-on for those who have been silent for too long. This book is a roadmap for everyone with a medical condition because it gives you information on how to manage and be a proactive patient. A must-read and groundbreaking venture. She enlightens you, educates you, inspires you and motivates you.”

Alfredia Fuller, Washington D.C.


Bonus #1

10 Secrets to Choosing the Right Medical Team

Ostomy surgery is a life changing event and it’s important to choose the right medical team for your needs.

Choosing the right ostomy medical team can be an overwhelming process. You want someone who will listen to you, understand your concerns, and provide expert care with compassion.

The first key to this is to recognize that you are part of that team and it is important to surround yourself with a group of practitioners who will guide you through your most important decisions

The right medical team can help you navigate you through issues that you would never be able to prepare for yourself and won’t see coming. In short the right medical team is invaluable.

It’s not always clear or easy to know what you should be looking for when building your team. That’s why I’m sharing my 10 secrets to choosing the right medical team.

It’s a collection of tips, tools and secrets I’ve picked up along the way that I wish I would have learned from the beginning so you use can use them to surround yourself with an expert team to truly cares about your success.

Bonus #2

My 10 Tips for Making it Through the Night without A Rupture

After my second ostomy surgery, I was tired of having ruptures disturb my rest at night. It was the worst! I was tired of having to wake in the middle of the night to shower and do laundry.

I don’t want you to have to go through this especially when it can be completely avoided.

I tried so many things and finally came up with a simple system for making it through the night without a rupture.

If you ever had issues sleeping with your stoma bag or you’re worried about making it through the night without rupturing your stoma bag then this guide is for you.

Bonus #3

8 Tips for Going Back to Work

Going back to work after surgery can be a scary proposition! And you may have a lot of questions and not know where to turn for answers.

Written by a fellow Ostomate who has had 19 surgeries and has had to deal with with this situation too many times to count.

This guide is packed with advice on how to get back into the swing of things at work, as well as tips on how to handle those tricky situations that may creep up in the workplace when you’re living with an ostomy. 

This guide can help you aviod those stressful situations, potentially embarrassing moments and more during your transition that can make your journey harder than it has to be.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to transition back to work after your Ostomy surgery then you need this guide.

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Choosing to Live Your Best Life

On Level 2, I will teach clients not only how to define their best life with their Ostomy, but how to live all of the possibilities in it.



Overcome Fear: The Art of Survival

On Level 3, I will inspire clients to overcome their fear of living with their Ostomy, and encourage them to name, accept and embrace their stoma.



How to Work Your P.L.A.N.©

Level 4, will teach you how to develop and work your P.L.A.N. ©successfully.



7 Steps to Love Your Ostomy!

Level 5, I will help fellow Ostomates or their caregivers to consider how shifting their mindset will help them to live, survive and thrive with their Ostomy. When you see things differently, you live differently.



Relax, Relate, Release

Level 6, is about learning how to relax, meditate and release the obstacles that are holding you back, from living the possibilities of your best life with your Ostomy.

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