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CCFA Fundraiser Spin 4

Each year I ride in the Spin4 Fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. It is not always easy to keep up with your goals when your health is tenuous. But I believe you have to plan to succeed, or you plan to fail by default.

Without motivation, you’re dead in the water. Nothing gets done, and worse, you can’t find the energy to change that situation. How do you change that?

Simply by not getting there in the first place. The trick is to STAY motivated, even when you’re not feeling it. Check out my suggestions.

1. Stop procrastinating. Chances are if you’re procrastinating you’ve stopped working, and motivation is already slipping.  When this happens, you need to give yourself a sharp kick in the backside and keep going — no excuses. If you are not feeling well, allow yourself time to rest, but keep the dream alive.

2. Cut out distractions. What’s going on around you? Is something taking your attention away from your work?

3. Change of scenery. If you’re still having trouble, it might be because you’re growing stagnant. You’ve been working too long, and you need to clear your head. Take a walk. Go for a drive. Or if you’re stuck at work, then take your laptop to an empty conference room or simply get up and move around— anything to create a change.

4. Exercise. Nothing stimulates the brain and gets it going again like exercise. You don’t have to commit to an hour-long run to get your motivation back. Even a short jog or walk around the block will get your heart pumping and your brain producing endorphins to jump you back into high gear again.

5. Meditate. Or in contrast to the last item on the list, slow down. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Find your center and your calm. Relax and let go of what’s going on around you.  You may even want to take a moment and stretch.

6. Stop worrying. While this one is easier said than done, the main idea here is to let go of the things you cannot change, so that you can keep looking forward without anything inhibiting you. Remember, change the things that you can, and accept the ones that you can’t.

7. Listen to music: Put on music that puts ideas into your head, and a bounce to your step. The genre doesn’t matter. It’s how the music makes you feel that counts. Use whatever gives you get up and go to get back in motion.  Music always makes me feel better.

8. Make a Daily To-Do list. It might be you’re losing motivation because you’re too overwhelmed by big goals. Break those goals down, and then drop those bite-sized pieces on a daily To-Do list. Be careful not to overload the list with too much. You want to set yourself up for success – not failure.  I do this at the end of each day. It allows me to move goals forward without guilt.

9. Find someone who motivates you. Maybe you need a mentor. Someone who believes in your “Possibility”. Give yourself time to meet with your mentor, or to read on a regular basis.

10. Visualize success. Most importantly, see yourself completing the project in as much detail as you can imagine. A positive visualization of success tells your subconscious that you can succeed. Sometimes that’s all you need to get your energy back.

There are many more things you can try that aren’t on this list. The important thing to remember is that we’re all different. If something motivates you, then use that to keep your project on track. If you need help to figure out your purpose, schedule an express coaching session @

Be encouraged, Be Inspired, Be Hopeful
The Possibilities Are Endless!